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> Alvey & Towers Picture Library

The picture industry has changed considerably since Alvey & Towers Stock Collection was established in 1994, but our basic objectives from those early days remain unchanged - to offer the picture buyer a wide variety of choice from a superb selection of hand picked images, a swift and efficient service at all times, competitive pricing and easy access to advice from industry specialists when required.

> The Collections

We are renowned worldwide for our Specialist Transport Collection, encompassing images of anything to do with any form of transport, anywhere in the World. Our transport collection has been with us from the beginning and has continued to expand at a very rapid rate. As our reputation grew in this highly specialised area, so more and more transport photographers have chosen Alvey & Towers as their preferred specialist agents. It is, therefore, no surprise that we are now respected as one of today’s leading Specialist Transport Picture Libraries.

We also house a substantial and ever growing collection of images that are not transport related....but are just too good not to share with our picture buying colleagues. The subjects covered are varied and numerous and can easily be viewed in the “non-transport” category of our website.

> The Service

Remember the days when you had to ring us and tell you what you wanted, and then had to wait while we sent you transparencies in the post! Well, you can still ring us if you like, we love to hear from you in person ....but nowadays you might prefer to take advantage of our fantastically simple to use website!

Fully keyword searchable, with clear large thumbnail images, a comprehensive image licensing price calculator and instant access to high resolution downloads offers the picture buyer a fast, competitively priced, easy route to an excellent image selection whenever wanted.

If advice is needed we are always happy to help by calling on the expertise of our staff and photographers, simply give us a call or drop us an email.

> The People

Alvey & Towers collections are overseen by original founders Peter Alvey and Emma Rowen, both extremely well experienced in working in the picture industry, and both fully understanding of what is wanted by a picture buying customer.

Peter Alvey has been working in the image library sector for over 25 years and also as a professional photographer for even longer. His vast experience in both areas has been a driving force in the continued growth and expansion of Alvey & Towers. Peter is also a member of the National Union of Journalists. Peter’s own Professional Photography website can be viewed HERE

Emma came to the picture library world 10 years ago, from an administrative management role. As well as having a superb (some would say critical) eye for image quality and detail, she also possesses the key organisational skills that are so necessary to the successful development of such a busy and large collection.

Of course there would be no images at all without the photographers who take them. The vast team who contribute to our collections travel far and wide throughout the world to produce regular submissions of stunning images for our picture buyers.

Whether it is one of our many Transport specialists, or a photographer working in a different subject area, they are all dedicated to ensuring that Alvey & Towers maintain their reputation for their excellent and varied stock collection.

One of the key strength’s of our library is our quality control policy. No photographer is permitted to join our ranks until they have submitted a selelction of test images for examination. Even when they have been accepted, any submissions subsequently sent to the library are checked and scrutinised before being made available for sale. Picture buyers can, therefore, rest assured that they are sourcing work of the very highest quality.